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Persian Store Lougheed Mini Mart, Great Prices, Great Quality, Great Service and Convenience.

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Better Prices

The more we sell, the better our quality is. By selling product as we receive it, we keep quality high. Reduced storage times means less waste goes into packaging and maintaining freshness, which means lower costs for us and better prices for you. We believe that if we offer great quality and great prices, that can help us improve quality and prices -- which means even better value. We work hard to keep our turnover high to keep you happy and coming back!

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More than 2000+ Products

We work with growers and manufacturers to get the best products at fair prices.

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We still take the time to listen to our customers and to hear what they want. Our key to future success is being completely aligned with their needs. .

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We focus on bringing value to our existing customers. That means great products and great prices, and providing the best possible service. We don't increase our prices to fund marketing efforts to get new customers - we rely on word of mouth from our customers, which means we need to make sure they are happy!

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There's no substitute for hard work. When we can find meaning in our work, that creates the motivation that pushes us to try our best. Our meaning is the happiness we bring to our customers by providing them with great value -- affordable groceries that help them live a happier life.

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Persian Products

This is a list of traditional retail grocery categories.

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Persian Products

Persian Products include.