Great Prices, Great Quality, Great Service, and

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Better Prices

The more we sell, the better our quality is. By selling product as we receive it, we keep quality high. Reduced storage times means less waste goes into packaging and maintaining freshness, which means lower costs for us and better prices for you. We believe that if we offer great quality and great prices, that can help us improve quality and prices -- which means even better value. We work hard to keep our turnover high to keep you happy and coming back!

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2000+ Products

We work with growers and manufacturers to get the best products at fair prices.


Location: 11842 207 St, Maple Ridge, V2X1X5, BC, CA
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Visit Us

Persian Store Mini Mart

Address: Maple Ridge
Phone: 1(604) 465-0442
Phone: 1(604) 727-2718
Email: @PersianStore.Store

Business Hours

Monday : 9am to 9pm Tuesday : 9am to 9pm Wednesday: 9am to 9pm Thursday : 9am to 9pm Friday : 9am to 9pm Saturday, Sunday: 9am to 9pm